Our Services - fight a traffic ticket, fight a photo radar ticket in Winnipeg
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There are over 400 different traffic offenses in Manitoba, and AGENT204 are familiar with all of them.

AGENT204 can represent company tickets, photo enforcement, show cause hearings, and police tickets including offenses related to:

  • Consuming cannabis in vehicles
  • Transporting cannabis in vehicles
  • Speeding
  • Stop signs
  • Seatbelts
  • Red lights
  • Careless driving
  • Driving without insurance
  • Seizure and Impoundment of Motor Vehicles

  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle
  • Construction zones
  • School zones
  • Drive while disqualified
  • Drive Imprudently
  • Driving without a driver’s licence
  • Car seat ticket
  • Fail to yield right of way
  • Fail to stop for an emergency vehicle

  • No left turn
  • Drive with no supervising driver
  • Use cellular device while driving

AGENT204 Can Help You By:

Advise & Investigate

Services In 4 Different Languages

Suspension Appeal

Agent 204 Serves clients across Manitoba in provincial court under the Highway Traffic Act.

***Note: Your first consultation with AGENT204 is always free. Once you have hired AGENT204 and signed our service agreement contract, the following consultations will also be free of charge. Due to limited resources, we will have to charge for additional consultations after your initial complimentary consultation if a service agreement has not yet been reached. 

Payment Options:


Credit Card (Visa & Mastercard)